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Titan Wireless and Other Networks

Pembroke Public Schools Networks

There are several networks available at Pembroke Public Schools.  Each network has a different function, and it is important to understand what type of device is allowed on each network.  If you have questions or issues connecting your device to the proper network, email and a member of the tech team will come help.

Wired Network

It is important that all staff who have district-issued Windows Laptops keep their laptop on the wired network whenever possible.  This will ensure that you have the best possible speed and access to all allowed sites.  You can plug your laptop into the network using the ethernet cord in your classroom or office. 


This is the wireless network for district-issued Windows laptops.  Your laptop will automatically connect to this network when you need to work wirelessly.


This network is used for all other district-owned devices that are not Windows laptops (ie. Chromebooks, iPads, other tablets).  The devices should automatically connect to this network.  If you have any difficulty, DO NOT attempt to connect a district-owned device to Titan Wireless - this will cause issues down the road.  Instead, email and a member of the tech team will come help.

Titan Wireless

This network is for personal devices.  All staff members as well as students in grades 7-12 are allowed one [1] device on the Titan Wireless network.  The device will be registered on the network the first time you log in.  Follow the steps below to connect your personal device to Titan Wireless.

Titan Wireless Network Login Instructions


  • The Titan Wireless network is for personal devices. (Pembroke-owned devices use different wireless networks: PPSWlan or PPS Assets).
  • A maximum of one device per person can be registered on the Titan Wireless network.
  • You will need to log into the Titan Wireless network and agree to the terms of use before you are able to get online. 

Login Instructions:

  1. Go to the wi-fi settings on your device.
  2. Choose Titan_Wireless.
  3. Type in your firstname.lastname and password.
  4. For the certificate warning, on an iPhone or iPad, tap "Trust", on an Android, bypass or ignore the certificate warning.
  5. On an iPhone or iPad: Tap the i next to the Titan Wireless network name, and turn OFF Private Address.
  6. Go to your internet browser and go to a website to confirm you are online.