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Vector Solutions TeachPoint PD Tracking

Vector Solutions (formerly TeachPoint) PD Tracking is used for requesting out of district professional development, registering for in-district workshops, and tracking PD to be credited toward licensure.

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Request Out of District PD

Steps to Enter a Request and Track Approval:

  • Click the Graduation Cap to access PD Tracking
  • Click the green "New" button
  • Select the appropriate type of PD (Course, Conference, or Sped Conference)
  • Complete the online form:
    • Be sure to complete all fields completely
    • Leave the Schedule option at "Simple" and just enter the start and end dates.
    • Add a location
    • Note the number of PDPs or credits you will earn
    • If you are requesting funding for this event, choose your budget from the menu and enter the dollar amount
    • Notice the budget numbers that appear to the right to help you track your remaining funds for the year
    • Complete all remaining fields in the form
    • Select your principal at the bottom of the screen
    • You may choose to Save your form and return to complete it later if needed
    • When the form is complete and ready for submission, click Submit and OK
    • When your request is successfully submitted, you will be returned to your "Manage Events" screen
  • You will receive an email when your request is approved
  • You can also return to PD Tracking and view the Manage Events or My Activities screens to track approval progress

Any absence for professional development MUST be entered in Frontline Absence Mangement.

Reimbursement instructions for professional development are below.

See the tutorial video above for more details

Approver Instructions

Steps to Approve a PD Request (for Principals and Central Office):

  • Log into TeachPoint following the instructions at the top of this screen
  • Click the Graduation Cap
  • Click Manage Events
  • Events needing your approval will have a yellow "Pending Approval" box in the Status Column
  • Click Approve (you must approve the requests one at a time)
  • Click "Edit" to open the complete form.  You do have the ability to make changes if needed.
  • Click Submit For Approval, Return with Message, or Decline
  • The staff member will receive an email when the request is approved, returned or declined.

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