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Savvas Teacher Setup Instructions - Create your classes, roster students, and add programs.

Option 1: Sync Savvas with Google Classroom

Teachers do all of their setup, content management, and assignments directly in Savvas.  Once teachers have set up the Google Classroom sync, students must access their Savvas content through Classroom.  They can no longer use the Savvas link in Clever.

Video Tutorial (5 minute video) 

PDF Printable Instructions

Complete Teacher Training Series


Option 2: Manual Setup Option for any teachers Not using Google Classroom

Training Video (We Do Not Have Auto Rostering)

To add a "Program" (textbook/resource) to your existing account

  • Go to the website – sign in with your existing account into.   (Your username is your email address)
  • In the upper right corner is a profile of a person with a down arrow key.  Click on this.
  • Select Settings
  • Select My Program – and click on the program(s) at the grade level you want.
  • Then when you are done, click on Programs in the menu bar you should see your programs.

Create classes and add students to your classes

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your teacher user name and password  (If you do not have a teacher sign in, you will need to “sign up” following the steps at the bottom of this page.)
  • Select CLASSES from the Menu.
  • If you have classes from last year you need to “Hide Them.” (Students from last year have been erased. Classes cannot be deleted only hidden.)
  • Click on CREATE A CLASS.
  • Under Name of Class you type your name (ie Mrs. White)  and select a class picture.
  • Click on as many programs you use in your classes.  For example, you will want to select both science and math for your grade level but you might also like to select math from the grade(s) below and above your grade so you can differentiate assignments.
  • Add your students: Enter the student's name and then click on the student's name when it pops up. Continue adding all of your students.
    Click Save


  • Log into Realize
  • Go to Classes
  • Click on the Class
  • Click Students and Groups
  • Click Add a Student to Class
  • Enter the student's name, username in the format, and the password pearson1
  • Click Done