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Laptop End of Year Backup

Save Your School Documents

Returning Staff:

If you are returning to Pembroke Public Schools next year, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Back Up All Documents: Find all documents on your computer that are NOT already backed up in your H Drive, OneDrive or Google Drive, and save them to your H Drive:

  • Open File Explorer on your computer by finding and clicking the icon that looks like a file folder.
  • Navigate to the location where you save your documents - usually "Documents" or "Desktop".
  • Right click the file or folder you would like to move to your H Drive.
    • Note: you can select multiple files and folders to move simultaneously by holding CTRL and clicking the file.  Then right click one of them.
  • Choose "Send To".
  • Select your H Drive from the list of options.
  • Repeat this process for all files and folders you wish to move, then navigate to your H Drive to verify that all files were transferred successfully. 

Step 2 Save your Favorites: Save your internet favorites to a file that can be uploaded next year:

  • In Chrome
    • Click the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen
    • Hover over Bookmarks then click Bookmark Manager
    • Click the three vertical dots in the BLUE BAR
    • Select Export Bookmarks
    • Be sure to save your file to your H Drive by selecting My PC on the left of the File Explorer window then click your H Drive.
    • Click Save.
  • In Edge
    • Click the star icon at the top right of the screen
    • Click the settings icon at the top
    • Click "Import or Export"
    • Click Favorites
    • Click Export to File
    • Save the file to your H DRIVE

Exiting Staff:

If you will not be returning to Pembroke Public Schools next year, follow the instructions below to transfer your documents.

Important Note: Do Not save or transfer any documents to your personal accounts that include sensitive or personal information about a student! 

School Google Account: Download to Flash Drive or Transfer to a Personal Google Account

  • Log into your school Google account
  • Click your account icon at the top right (circle with a person icon or your picture)
  • Click My Account
  • Under Personal Info and Privacy, click Control Your Content
  • You can choose to download the content of your drive OR you can transfer your content to another Google account
  • Follow the on-screen prompts or click here to see the Google help article for further details

School OneDrive: Download To Flash Drive/H Drive

  • Log into your school OneDrive
  • Hover your mouse to the left of the word "Name"
  • Click the button to select all of your folders
  • Click Download. 
  • A zip file with all of your files can then be downloaded to a Flash Drive, H Drive or other location on your computer.

H Drive: Download to Flash Drive or Upload to Cloud

Option 1: Download to a Flash Drive

  • Insert your Flash Drive into the computer
  • Go to your H drive
  • Click Ctrl+A
  • Right Click anywhere within the highlighted files and Folders
  • Choose Send To
  • Choose Compressed Zip Folder
  • After the download is complete, right click the folder and click Copy
  • Click This PC
  • Click the Flash Drive
  • Right click within the blank space in the window and click Paste

Option 2: Upload to a Personal Google Account

  • Log into your personal Google Account
  • Go to Drive
  • Click My Drive
  • Click Upload Folder
  • Choose your H Drive and click Upload

Option 3: Upload to a Personal OneDrive Account

  • Log into your Personal OneDrive Account
  • Click Upload
  • Click Folder
  • Choose your H Drive and click Upload