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Google Drive for Desktop

Sync files from your Windows laptop to your Google Drive


  • Files are easily accessible from File Explorer (screenshot below)
  • Files sync between your computer and Google.  You will have both an online copy and an offline copy of each document so that you can access your files from anywhere with or without internet.  If we lose connectivity, you can still access and edit documents.  When the internet comes back, any edits will sync again.
  • Microsoft Office documents like Word or Excel docs retain their original formatting when opened from File Explorer.  You do not need to convert them to Google docs (unless you want to)


Access files from File Explorer:

Screenshot of File Explorer Showing Drive for Desktop on the left menu and Office and Google Docs on the right


Or Access the same files from the Google Drive Website:

Screenshot of the same files accessed via Google Drive Website

Set up Google Drive for Desktop

Click the Windows button lower on the left side of your screen:  

Screenshot of the Windows button on a Windows 10 laptop

Find and Click Google Drive.  The following screens will appear:


Screenshot of step 1 of Google Drive Setup - "Welcome to Google Drive"


  • Click get started
  • Click Sign In
  • Go to the browser tab “Sign in - Google Accounts”
  • Click Login
  • Sign in with your Google username and password
  • It will say be sure you downloaded this app from Google - Click Sign In (this app was installed on your laptop by IT staff)


Screenshot of Step 2 of Google Setup "Welcome! Your Drive Files are Just a Click Away"


  • Click Next
  • For the screen that says “Make Important Files Available”, click Next
  • For “Choose Folders to Sync with Google Drive” Click Skip, or choose one or more files displayed to sync with Google Drive.
  • For “Differences between Google Drive and Google Photos”, click Got It
  • Then Click Skip
  • Then Click Open Drive
  • Google Drive now appears as a folder option in File Explorer Just like your H Drive.  You can save files here or attach them to emails the same way you do with H Drive files.


Screenshot of Google Drive in FIle Explorer

For assistance with this setup, please email