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New Elementary Teachers and Staff

Welcome to Pembroke!  If you are a new teacher or staff member at one of our elementary schools, the tutorial selection below has been curated just for you! These videos will walk you through the basics of our administrative software.  They will give a brief overview of each system.  More resources are available at the links below.  You can also consult the Help page within each application for a deeper understanding of specific features. 

If you need further assistance with any of these applications, or have any technology issues or questions, please email and a member of our technology team will be happy to assist!

A Data Privacy and Security Tutorial

Introduction to technology security and data privacy.

Clever Tutorial

A basic overview of Clever. Learn how to add Teacher Pages with apps and links to share with your students.

Frontline Absence Management

Learn how to enter an absence in Absence Management.

*PowerSchool for Teachers Basics

Learn how to take attendance, submit lunch counts, view student information and print reports, and email parents.

Vector Solutions Evaluations

Learn how to view your evaluation plan and complete the forms and tasks within your plan.

Vector Solutions PD Tracker

Learn how to enter professional development requests and track your PDPs.