Grade 9 MCAS Update

Dear Parent/Guardians,

As you have likely heard, the Department of Secondary Education is requiring the administration of the Biology MCAS for all 9th-grade students this Spring. This includes students of each cohort, with the testing required to be done in person.  There is no digital test option for our remote students.  All students must be tested in the building.


The test dates for freshmen are as follows:

  • June 7-8- Biology MCAS


Makeup dates will be provided in the days immediately following the administration of each respective exam.  


Additional retest opportunities will be provided in subsequent school years if a passing score is not met.  It is important to note that meeting the Competency Determination (earning a passing score in science as well as in math and ELA scheduled for next year) is a requirement for graduating from high school.


Please be sure to have your student check their school email for information regarding their assigned testing locations.  


David Rix

Assistant Principal