Getting Access to Technology

Pembroke's Technology Department is working to support families during the District's closure.

Below is a list of offers from communications companies for families concerned with staying connected while students are not on school: 

Company Opens Xfinity WiFi Network Nationally for Free, Offers Unlimited Data for Free, Confirms Its Commitment to Connecting Low-Income Families Click Here for Details

Pembroke Public Schools Digital Learning Resource page has several approved, free educational sites to keep students engaged during the District's closure.

As the shutdown continues, we have heard from a handful of families that do not have devices for remaining connected to the school.

If you would like to borrow a Chromebook while school is closed, we are asking you to reach out to your building principal.

Principals will share pick up details with you. 

Please find the PPS Loan Agreement Contract link below:
PPS Chromebook Student User Agreement for Loan Period