Entering Report Card Grades - Step By Step Instructions

Open the Gradebook

  • Log in to PowerTeacher
  • Click the “PowerTeacher Pro” link under any class name, or click “PowerTeacher Pro” on the left side menu 

Enter Final Grades for Report Cards - Scoresheet View

  • Click Grading on the left side menu.
  • Under Grades, click Standards
  • IMPORTANT: Double check that the term at the top right is set to the correct trimester – T1, T2, or T3 (NOT Y1)
  • Click the box next to the first student under the first standard you wish to grade.
  • The grading panel appears on the right of the screen.
    • Select the grade for the standard. Choose NA if the standard was not covered this term. (You can type in the standard score if you find that easier.)
    • Use the Fill buttons to fill in a score for all students vertically or all standards for one student horizontally.
    • Navigate to additional standards by clicking the right pointing arrow at the end of the list of standards. Alternately, set the columns per page to a higher number so that you can scroll through them using the bottom scroll bar.
    • Teachers of grades 4-6 can enter overall subject grades under the T1 (or T2, T3) column using the same process.
  • Click SAVE when done entering all grades for this class/subject. 

Screenshot of Grade Entry















Entering Standards Grades for Report Cards - View All Standards for a Single Student

  • For an alternate view of grades: To view a single student’s standards grades on one screen, click Students > Standard Progress. Switch between students using the drop down at the top of the screen. You can enter grades here as well following the same process as described above.
  • Click SAVE when done entering all grades for this class/subject.
  • Switch classes/subjects at the top center of the screen

 Screenshot of Single Student Standards View











To Print Report Cards

  • Report cards are printed from the PowerSchool main screen, NOT in PowerTeacher
  • Go to PowerSchool
  • Click “Reports” on the left
  • Choose the Report Card from the Drop down list
  • Click Submit
  • Click Refresh until you see a blue “View” link under Status
  • Click View
  • Download the PDF to save it and/or click Print to print it


Click Here for a Short Video Tutorial