Term Electives

Intro to Rock Music Students will learn how to play rock music using the electric guitar, electric bass, keyboard, and drums. Students view music videos as models.


Exploring Piano

Students will learn to play the piano keyboard.  This course is geared towards beginners.


Art 7


Students produce meaningful & unique drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, etc.


2D/3D Art Design


Students work in the second and third-dimension by creating sculptures, ceramic objects, models, etc. Mixed grade elective.


Students will learn to explore the fundamentals of drama and stage, study Greek Theatre, and work cooperatively to produce, write, direct, and act in small dramatic scenes.


Creating music through technology.  Students will learn to use computers and iPads, in conjunction with electronic instruments and sound recording equipment, to create, edit, and arrange music in a variety of settings. Projects will include arranging music for film clips, producing a music video, and recording a full-length song.

Computer Programming I

Teaches algebraic and geometric concepts through coding and programming in a real-world programming language.   Students will create a videogame of their own design as the course conclusion.


Computer Programming II

Goes deeper into the logic of computer programming.  Students learn to create more sophisticated programs by building events and data structures that build on their foundational knowledge attained by Computer Programming I.


Modern Home Economics

Students will learn basic cooking skills and research the cost and nutritional benefits of cooking from scratch.  Students will also learn basic sewing skills, etiquette for employment and social situations. Students will set up basic household budgets, learning about different types of bank accounts, balancing checkbooks, and the benefits of saving at an early age.


Students will use six simple machines throughout the course.  Students will further their use of the Engineering Design Process by brainstorming, testing, and creating machines like balloon cars, grape catapults ending in a final project of a Rube Goldberg (chain reaction) machine.


These music classes will meet for the first 3 terms.

Student musicians will perform in PCMS winter concerts & in March district concerts.





Rock/Pop Band

Rock/Pop Orchestra

Instrument students will have the opportunity to select popular or rock music to perform

Contemporary Chorus

Students will have the opportunity to sing popular &

A Capella songs

~ optional

~end of year mini concerts


So many electives, so little time

Students don’t always get the electives they want.  

All electives aren’t offered every period.  

But we encourage students to try different electives.  They may be surprised!