Welcome Obadiah

Welcome Obadiah

January 9, 2020


Dear Students and Families,


We are pleased to announce that for two days during our exam week, we have made arrangements for a therapy dog, Obadiah, to spend some time in our school to interact with our students. We are thankful for the work of our adjustment counselors, Mrs. Holly Gerety and Mrs. Rachel McGowan, and the Christ Lutheran Church of Scituate, for making this possible.


On Thursday, Jan. 17 and Tuesday, Jan. 22, Mrs. Gerety and Mrs. McGowan will be with Obadiah and his handler in the Career Center of the Guidance Office for interested students. They will also be in our main atrium before school and during the 15-minute break in between exams.


Students will not be allowed to leave an exam to visit Obadiah, but they are welcome to spend time with him if they do not have an exam during a particular period, before exams start, or during the break.


Please know that Obadiah will stay with his handler and our school adjustment counselors for the entirety of his stay to ensure that student interactions with Obadiah are monitored and safe. We will also ensure that our custodial staff will be vigilant about proper cleaning.


If you do not want your child to have access to Obadiah, please contact me directly at marc.talbot@pembrokek12.org or at (718) 293-9218 x2104.


Best of luck to all students during exam week.


Kind Regards,



Marc Talbot