K9 Sweep

November 20, 2019

Dear Families,

Pembroke High School, in collaboration with the Pembroke Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies, conducted a random drug sweep of the high school on Tuesday, November 19, 2019. Such a sweep is generally done at least once a year as we attempt to ensure our school is free of illicit substances. 

Ten area K-9 units searched our parking lot, our corridors/bathrooms, locker rooms, and about a dozen randomly selected classrooms.  In doing so, we placed our staff and students in a Shelter-in-Place. 

During a Shelter-in-Place, teaching and learning continue as normal.  The only difference is we remain in our classrooms, disregarding bells to move on to the next class.  Student requests to leave the room are also not honored.  In the case of an emergency, teachers are trained to notify the office so that an administrator can report to the room, and if necessary, escort a student to another location in our building. 

We are grateful to the Pembroke and local police departments for working in partnership with us as we continue our never-ending quest to keep our schools safe and secure. 


Kind Regards,

Marc Talbot, Principal