Postural Screening

Postural Screening

According to Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 71, postural screening must be done in grades 5-9. The purpose of the postural screening is to identify early signs of spinal problems. Most scoliosis and other spinal issues can be easily treated upon early detection. Girls and boys are screened separately and privacy is respected at all times. We ask that prior to screening, girls wear a halter top or sports bra on the day of the screening as this type of clothing facilitates better examination of the back. Only unusual findings are reported to parents/guardians. Please notify your child’s school nurse via email or a caregiver signed letter, if you do not wish them to participate in this screening program, or if they are already followed by a physician for a spinal problem.

Postural Screenings for Grade 9 Students who currently take Physical Education will take place during the week of Nov4-8th.

 Thank you,

Samantha Turvey, RN, BSN, MBA

School Nurse

Pembroke High School