2020 Senior Yearbook Photos

Important Senior Yearbook Photo Information 

Dear Parents/Caregivers of Pembroke High School Class of 2020:

This summer your child should have his/her senior portrait taken for the yearbook. We would like to give you some information to help make this an easy process and to ensure that your child’s photo will appear in the yearbook. Our goal is to have every senior’s portrait featured in the yearbook; however, we have a few requirements that allow us to keep a unified and sophisticated appearance to our book. Please adhere to the following guidelines, or your child’s photo may not appear in the senior portraits section of the yearbook.  These guidelines were discussed with your child at an assembly on Monday, June 3, 2019:

Pictures should be colored photos and can include appropriate “props”, a family pet, a football if you play football, a field hockey stick if you play field hockey, etc.

Boys should wear a dress shirt and tie, or a polo type shirt with a collar (no writing/ads/graffiti, etc. on shirts).

Girls must wear non-revealing and appropriate “dressy” attire. Tanks tops and bra straps showing will not be accepted. 

Examples of what not to wear and will not be accepted would be tank tops, hooded sweatshirts, any top with writing or pictures on them, no hats, tattoos showing, graffiti in the background, etc.

Photo Specs: 4x6, 300dpi, jpg file  ~OR~ 10/5, 100kb 

Lifetouch is our chosen photographer for Pembroke High School.  Lifetouch has been in the photography business for many years and only charge as low as $25 for a photo session.  Lifetouch will send out a letter with pricing and instructions to schedule picture sessions during this summer.  All senior photos need to be taken during the summer.  In order to somewhat plan your availability, Lifetouch will be at the Herring Run in July and at Rexhame Beach in August.  Postponing photos until the start of the school year will be too late to have them entered into the yearbook.  You can choose to have your child’s senior portrait taken by another photographer.  However, if you do, please make sure the above guidelines are followed.  If you choose a photographer other than Lifetouch, the deadline to turn in senior photos is September 20, 2019

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me during the summer or at any time during the school year at the address below.


Thank you,

Kathy Lanzarotto


Main Office