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Best in Show

We had 15 winners (out of 23) for the Sixth Plymouth District Student Art Show hosted by Representative Josh Cutler including a Best in Show! Below is the list of our winners. If you have any of these students please congratulate them.

Their work was on display at the Massachusetts State House, where thousands of visitors regularly walk by.

The community will be able to see a lot of these artworks at the PHS Art Show on Wednesday, May 8.


Best in Show
Lara Federspiel, Pig in a Blanket

1st Caleigh Judson, The Visitor
2nd Davis Yarranton, Gummy Bears
3rd Ben Stanton, Tatooine Sunrise

Honorable Mentions:
Faith Fontaine, Innocence is Bliss

Mixed Media
1st Lillian Brown, Slime Guys
3rd MaKenzie Conway, Feeling Blue

Honorable mentions:
Shannon McKenna, Take-Out

2nd Jordan Roy, Snow Dance
3rd Charlotte Littlefield, Eyelash Curler

Honorable Mentions:
Lara Federspiel, Age

1st Ryan Larsen, Caileigh; from Observation

Honorable Mentions
Bridget Gannon, Rubby


Honorable mentions:
Danielle DeCastro, Multicolored Print
Michaela Gassiraro, Purple Skies


Here is the list of all of the talented Pembroke students who had their work on display. Congratulations to everyone!


    • Abbey Trask
    • Aimee Watts
    • Alexus Terrio
    • Amanda Melville
    • Amelia Yarasitis
    • Aree Tam
    • Ashleigh Spellman
    • Ashley Cummings
    • Ava Ahern
    • Avery Hatch
    • Avery Kibbe
    • Bella Guerini
    • Ben Stanton
    • Bridget Gannon
    • Brooke Bonwitt
    • Caleigh Judson
    • Caroline Spellman
    • Charlotte Littlefield
    • Cortney McDougall
    • Danielle DeCastro
    • Davis Yarranton
    • Doc Frattasio
    • Emily Claflin
    • Emily MacFarlane
    • Faith Fontaine
    • Gage Anastasio
    • Hannah Jenkins
    • Isabella Celli
    • Jade Sullivan
    • Jason Tierney
    • Jeanie Griffin
    • Jess Hayes
    • Jordan Roy
    • Josephine Tevten
    • Julia Spillane
    • Kaleigh Murphy
    • Katelyn Tropeano
    • Lara Federspiel
    • Lauren Walsh
    • Leana Frank
    • Lexi Silva
    • Lillian Brown
    • Madalyn Scarpino
    • MaKenzie Conway
    • Megan Dorsey
    • Mia Bontos
    • Mia Scott
    • Michaela Gassiraro
    • Michelle Pettigrew
    • Olivia Cuccia
    • Ryan Larsen
    • Ryo Nagaki-Dilazzaro
    • Sara Conley
    • Sarah Goodman
    • Shannon Mckenna
    • Star Young
    • Stephen Bekhit
    • Sydney Boussy
    • Taylor Rampersad
    • Zach Stoltz