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Congratulations PHS DECA!

The PHS DECA Club did an outstanding job at the DECA District Conference!

Fifty-nine  DECA students competed and nineteen came home with trophies (top 4) and many earned a spot in the top eight! 

We are so proud of their accomplishments and more importantly how they behaved at the conference.   They did a really great job representing Pembroke High School!  Approximately thirty PHS students will be competing against 3,000 students in the MA State competition in March!  


If you see any of these students - please congratulate them!  

Special shout out to the first place winners - notice the siblings (Cassfords and Wilshire)!  First Place Winners -- Erica Campbell, Morgan Cassford & Jake Donnelly (team), Finley Gough & Megan Willshire (team),  Marly Cassford & Jack Willshire (team), Molly Horner!  


Students who Qualified for the State Competition


Jackson Graham (3rd)

Apparel and Accessories Marketing

Erica Campbell (1st)

 Automotive Services Marketing

Alex Johnston (3rd)

 Buying Merchandising Team

Amanda Green & Samantha Raleigh (4th)

 Financial Services Team

Tommy Brooks & Michael Hendriksen (4th Team)

 Food Marketing

Brendan Capuzzo (4th)

 Hospitality Services

Finley Gough & Megan Willshire (1st Team)

Marketing Management

Marly Cassford & Jack Willshire (1st Team)

Principles of Hospitality

Molly Horner (1st)

Kelly Morrissey (3rd)

 Principles of Marketing

Lisa Freeley (3rd)

Sports and Entertainment

Morgan Cassford & Jake Donnelly (1st Team)

Travel and Tourism

Isabella Kane & Colin Mulhern (4th Team)