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Credit for Life Fair

Students at Pembroke High School will experience the life of a 25-year-old, living on a budget and making real-life choices, during the Credit for Life fair, to be held on March 14, 2019. 


Students will be given a worksheet with their projected salary and debt, based on their pre-selected careers. The students will rotate through a series of booths selecting everything from their housing choice, cell phone plans, to clothing, furniture purchases and more. They will assess one-time payments and monthly bills and decide how much of their monthly salaries they will spend and save. They will consider if they want to use their credit cards for any expenses.


Students will also spin the “wheel of misfortune” and see if they have any unforeseen expenses. Once they have visited all of the booths at the fair they will meet with credit counselors and go over their budgets. This exercise gives students an opportunity to see how their choices can impact them financially and helps to educate them on how to make smart financial choices in their futures.


This fair is run mostly by volunteers and with the sponsorship of Rockland Trust. Kim McKenna, an employee for Rockland Trust has organized the fair.  The fair is only possible with the support of the community volunteers.  There will be a planning meeting on February 5, 2019, at 7:30 PM in the PHS library.


If you can volunteer for, please contact Kim Mckenna at


Thank you.