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In this, the pilot year of our Pathways Program, we are pleased to congratulate the following seniors, who have earned internships with the following community partners:

  • Business Pathway
    • Aidan Blake - Pembroke Chamber of Commerce
    • Brooke Amiott - Towne Tavern
    • Joey Dywer - Pembroke School of Performing Arts
  • Computer Science Pathway
    • Christian Bekheit -PHS Information Technology
    • Anthony Troiano - PHS Information Technology
    • Ben Bairos - PHS Information Technology
    • Jack Tosone - PHS Information Technology
    • Aidan Callahan - PHS Information Technology
  • Digital Arts
    • Abby Hudson - MB Graphics
    • Sam DeMille - Pembroke School of Performing Arts

We feel this is an incredible beginning to what we know will be a robust program moving forward. Remember, these seniors have only had one year to meet our modified pathway certification requirements, and because of their hard work, the internship is their final capstone project toward a major accomplishment. The last day of classes at PHS for these students will be Friday, March 31, and they will begin their internships on the first day of Term 4, April 3.


Congratulations to these deserving seniors for being the very first wave of PHS Pathways Interns to head out "into the field," gaining invaluable experience from this real-life, hands-on learning opportunity. I'd also like to congratulate our Pathways Coordinator, Mrs. Maryellen Gates, who has worked tirelessly this year developing the modified criteria for certification, identifying eligible students, guiding and preparing them to the point of completion, and finding local businesses to host internships.

Finally, we can't thank those community partners enough, for without them, our students would not have these internship opportunities. If you or someone you know is a small-business owner or works for a company that hosts interns, please consider contacting Mrs. Gates at (781) 293-9218 x2119. We are always looking for additional internships for our students, especially since we are adding Biomedical Science and Engineering/Manufacturing next year.