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Maisie Robinson has been selected as this year’s PCMS Project 351 Ambassador

We are proud to announce that Maisie Robinson has been selected as this year’s PCMS Project 351 Ambassador. Project 351 is a statewide student leadership initiative. Each year, an Ambassador is selected from each of the 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts. Project 351’s mission is to “build a movement of youth-led service that transforms communities, elevates kindness, and advances opportunity by investing in the courage, compassion, and unlimited capabilities of eighth-grade unsung heroes and quiet leaders.” PCMS staff submit nomination forms and from those submissions, an ambassador was selected.
This is a portion of one of the staff nominations that Maisie received:
Maisie is so kind, empathetic, and helpful… She is extremely thoughtful in all of her assignments, and also creative. At the beginning of the year, students completed an assignment for what changes they would make "if they ruled the world." This is what she wrote for how she would change Pembroke:
"I would make it so that all the major buildings and stores in the town must be disability accessible. [That everyone] can access everything as easily as I do is very important to me ... I would also make it so there would be a trash clean-up event of some sort. I would do this because on my street alone I have picked up close to 10 trash bags full of the trash before and it is extremely bad for the environment. I feel the town would benefit from having less trash around."
Her other entries suggested using Massachusetts state taxes to better fund education, nationally to provide better health care to the trans community, and creating global research for global warming and cancer treatments.
Maisie is a young woman who clearly has plans for the future, and knows how she would like to change the world. She would be an outstanding candidate for Project 351 because she already possesses the mindset to work for the betterment of the world, and has plans on what she would change.

For the next 12 months, Project 351 will provide Maisie with leadership, enrichment, and service-learning opportunities for the betterment of our community, along with 350 other leadership ambassadors from across our state.