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PCMS Wellness Update


Hello families and students,
We are reaching out to all of you to say we hope this finds you well and busy exercising daily for 60 minutes.
On your child's grade level class assignment template there are numerous activities daily, weekly and monthly for you to be involved in for Physical Education. Whether you are in Ms. Stoddard or Mr. Corwin's class, grade seven or eight, we have provided numerous and various exercises and challenges for all.
There are links for you to upload a video of you taking part as an individual or family in our weekly and monthly calendar of challenges. Please know the upload of the video is only an invitation to share with us and the Facebook pcms community. Either way, you can email us with your efforts and whatever you are choosing to do for exercise make sure it is safe and fun.

Please email your PE teacher if you have any questions about our movement challenges and the information we have provided. Our office email hours are Tuesday 12-1 and Friday 10-11.
Be well,
Ms. Stoddard and Mr. Corwin
PCMS Physical Educators