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Bus Pass Required

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Bus drivers have been requesting to see the students bus pass when boarding their bus to and from home and when boarding the late bus at PCMS and PHS. If your student has not received their bus pass and you fully “submitted” your paperwork and payment at the same time, please contact me via email or at the business office at 781-829-0832. As of 10/1/18, all secondary students will be required to have their pass with them in order to board the bus.

Parents of elementary school students should also check to see if their students have their bus pass. If you have fully “submitted” your SOP paperwork and requested transportation, your student should have received their pass at school. All students requesting transportation must have a bus pass.

The passes are a way for us to track who is on the bus in the event of an emergency and are used when planning the routes.

Please contact the Transportation Department with any questions or concerns.


Thank you,

 Lori Jacobs 

Transportation Department