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Project 351 Ambassador

Every school district in Massachusetts is allowed to nominate one 8th grade student for a state-wide leadership initiative called Project 351. PCMS staff nominate students who meet the criteria of kindness, compassion, inclusivity, and leadership. Alissa Marcella is this year's Project 351 Ambassador. Here is one of the many staff nominations that were received:

"Kindness, inclusive, highly skilled, and able to communicate well with peers as well as adults. Alissa questions ideas and has solutions when problem-solving games arise. Alissa is quick to listen, laugh, ponder an idea and remind others to have fun while learning."

"Alissa works extremely hard academically as well as in athletics. She pushes herself to do the best she can and is always setting the example of doing one's best and being thankful for the opportunity to play and be involved. Alissa is a humble hard worker and her family is very supportive. Alissa is a twin and is her own person with a strong personality and a desire to succeed. I do believe that she will accomplish whatever she puts her mind to, as she has a positive and encouraging attitude that things will turn out well."

"Alissa is a solid, all-around student and a person that I think represents the best of what we hope to instill in our students and to represent the school, state, and country. My nomination without hesitation is Alissa Marcella!"

More information about this state-wide leadership initiative may be found here:

Congratulations, Alissa! We are proud to have you representing Pembroke.