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Beginning the week of 3/15

Morning Drop-off: Will remain the same. Students may be dropped off no earlier than 8:30 am. Your child will be dropped off at their designated grade level location (which has remained the same). Please be mindful of your speed when traveling around the building. Please also have your child ready with their belongings so they may exit the vehicle in a timely manner to alleviate potential traffic buildup.

Dismissal/Pick-up: We will now dismiss students by their last name. The grade level pick-up locations will remain the same. Our hope is to alleviate traffic build-up and allow parents with children in multiple grade levels to pick them up immediately as opposed to waiting at a location and potentially causing traffic build-up. Please remember that the left lane is used for dropping off/picking up and the right lane is used as a passing lane.

Last names A-K will be dismissed to their grade level locations for pick-up at 3:10 pm

Last names L-Z will be dismissed to their grade level locations for pick-up at 3:20 pm

Please see the diagram below for our grade level pick-up and drop-off locations as a reminder:

 NPES Traffic


Please note, any families who utilize bus transportation: Please be patient as pick up and drop off times may shift slightly as new routes are learned.


We ask for your patience and understanding as everyone gets used to our new procedures. Our goal is to make this as smooth as possible for families with the understanding that there will be a slight learning curve at the beginning, just like there was at the beginning of the school year.