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Pembroke Cares

Pembroke Cares

While the first official day of school for students was on August 28th, teachers and staff returned to their buildings much earlier to prepare and get their classrooms ready for the 2019-2020 school year. On Monday, August 26th, teachers, staff, and administrators came together for a welcome back convocation to set the tone for the upcoming school year.

This was a day for us to celebrate, to kick off the school year, welcome back our staff and kick the school year off right. While the first two days of the 2019 school year consist of professional development and planning for the year ahead, the goal was also to reconnect with our colleagues and encourage a climate of positivity. The theme for the staff convocation was bucket filling. The theory behind bucket filling is that each of us has an invisible dipper that we can either use to fil other people’s buckets with positive emotions by saying or doing things that increase their positive emotions or dipping from other’s buckets by saying or doing things that will decrease their positive emotions. The theory is that when we fill other’s buckets, we also fill our won, and likewise, if we dip from other’s buckets we diminish ourselves.

Having a full bucket increases having a positive outlook, and we make the choice every day whether we fill one another’s buckets, or dip from them. These choices profoundly affect our productivity, our health, happiness and ultimately our relationships.

As part of this theme, we asked local businesses to help us fill our employees’ buckets. Over 24 local companies donated 30 raffle prizes to our teachers as part of the second annual Pembroke Cares program. These donations from local companies are just one of the many examples of small local companies helping to support our schools and our staff. We also had buckets set up around the buildings for staff to write in compliments to their colleagues. These positive messages will be shared weekly as a way to continue to “fill buckets” throughout the 2019-2020 school year. Over 85 messages have been submitted by our staff so far this year.

As we continue to provide our students with the services they need to that they can continue to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally, we are grateful to the community for the continued support of these efforts.

Please see below for the list of local companies who donated;

  • The Lucky Dawg
  • The Omelette Factory
  • Dairy Twist
  • Secret Physique Studios
  • Angel Pizza
  • Lil Dukes Ice Cream Shoppe
  • Row & Ride Indoor Rowing and Cycling Studios
  • A Slice Above Pizzeria
  • Starland Sportsplex & Fun Park
  • Disch’s Route 53 Tavern
  • Orta Restaurant
  • Smoosh Smoothie & Juice Bar
  • Sherwin Williams Paints
  • Charlie’s Too Restaurant
  • Kindred Spirit Gifts
  • China Wok Restaurant
  • VERC Briteway Car Wash
  • Etoile Dance & Yoga Studio
  • The Juice Station
  • Emerald Yoga)
  • The British Beer Company
  • Stellwagen Brewery
  • Green Koala Gift Shop
  • Nailed IT DIY Studio South Shore

Thank you!

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