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Updated Traffic Pattern for Hobomock

Revised Parent Dropoff Procedures for Hobomock Elementary

Good Afternoon,

Effective tomorröw, September 17, 2020, we will be implementing a revised student drop off procedure to ensure that traffic moves on Learning Lane. Parents/caretakers will now enter the driveway (at the Hobomock Elementary Sign) and progress around to the back of the building. Parents will pull all the way up to as close to the white tent as possible and have your children exit your vehicle on the driver's side passenger door. Students will enter either the Grades 41516 doors or the Grades KII/2/3 doors in the back of the school. Kindergarten students who are starting tomorrow or Thursday will be directed to a staff member that is holding a "K" sign. Plenty of staff will be outside directing your child where to go. We think that this new procedure will ease traffic and provide an easier dropoff for all involved. Thank you for your cooperation!

*Special Education buses will line up in the designated area listed above.

**The buses will now drop off students in the front of the school with a plan that is being shared with the transportation department.