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Welcome Back Update

Dear Hobomock  Elementary School Families,

 We look forward to starting a new school year.  Even though we start this school year in the midst of much uncertainty, the staff at Hobomock are dedicated to making this year the best experience possible for your children.

We know there are a lot of questions and we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions and answers below.  All of this information is also posted to the fall reopening section of our website linked here. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you.

 First Day of School

The first day of school is September 15. (Grades 1-12)

  • Cohort A- In Person
  • Cohort B-  At Home
  • Cohort C- In Person
  • Cohort D- Remote

The first day of school for Kindergarten is on Thursday, September 17th

  • Cohort A- In Person 
  • Cohort B- At Home
  • Cohort C- In Person
  • Cohort D- Remote 

Kindergarten Orientation- Tuesday, September 15th at 10 AM.

Please join us on Tuesday, September 15, 2020, at 10:00 AM for our Hobomock Kindergarten Virtual Orientation

You will have an opportunity to meet the teachers and ask any questions that you may have about what to expect for your son or daughter this year.  Please use the information below to log into the Google Meet.  If you have any questions, please call the school at 781-294-0911.

Meeting ID

Phone Numbers

(‪US‬)‪+1 617-675-4444‬

PIN: ‪218 552 433 0774#‬

 Cohort B Students- How to access your first morning meeting on Tuesday, September 15th    

Since Tuesday, September 15th will be a remote learning day for Cohorts B students, we ask that you please use the following Google Meet codes to access your first morning meeting and your remote teacher on the first day of school. If you have any questions, please reach out to the teacher listed under each grade level.  

General Instructions:

Using the Google Chrome Browser, go to:

In the space provided: Enter the Meeting Code below that is appropriate to your grade level and enter the Google Morning Meeting.  Meet codes have been emailed to families.  Please do not share or post the meet codes online.

Grade: Kindergarten 

Please note the first day of school for kindergarten is Thursday, September 17th.  Cohort A & C students will be IN PERSON and Cohort B will be AT HOME and Cohort D will be REMOTE.   Cohort B Kindergarten students will use the code below to log in at 8:15 AM. (there is a slight delay to regular start time because teachers will be assisting welcoming the in-person students in the morning.

Remote Teacher: Ms. Klemonsky

  • Teacher email address:

Grade: One

Remote Teacher: Mrs. Harris

  • Teacher email

Grade: Two

Remote Teacher: Mrs. Rosa

  • Teacher email address:

Grade: Three

Remote Teacher: Mrs. Belliveau

  • Teacher email address:

Grade: Four

Remote Teacher: Ms. SanGiovanni

  • Teacher email address:

Grade: Five

Remote Teacher: Mrs. Bock

  • Teacher email address:

Grade 6

Remote Teacher: Mrs. Smiley

  • Teacher Email Address:

 Cohort D Students (Full Remote)

Family Q&A Session Monday, September 14, 2020

4-5 PM

Google Meet:

Join by phone
‪(US) +1 413-338-0235‬ PIN: ‪554 422 030‬#

How to access your first morning meeting on Tuesday, September 15th

Cohort D students (100% online learning)--We ask that you please use the following Google Meet codes or direct links to access your first morning meeting and your remote teacher on the first day of school. If you have any questions, please reach out to the teacher listed under each grade level.  

General Instructions:

Using the Google Chrome Browser, go to:

In the space provided: Enter the Meeting Code below that is appropriate to your grade level and enter the Google Morning Meeting. If a link is provided, just access the meeting via that link. Meet codes were sent via email. Please do not post or share the meet codes online.

Grade: Kindergarten

Remote Teacher: Ms. Margaret Maurano

Grade: One

Remote Teacher: Ms. Annie Goode

Grade: Two

Remote Teacher: Ms. Katie Dugas

Grade: Three

Remote Teacher: Ms. Meghan Grier

Grade: Four

Remote Teacher: Ms. Nicole McCann

Grade: Five

Remote Teacher: Ms. Carol DeSimone

Grade 6

  • Remote Teacher: Mr. Joseph Towers
  • Google Meet Code and Link are forthcoming

 Health & Technology Training

We will be hosting two very important family training seminars next week to cover the topics of health and technology.  The login details are below.

Health- Monday, September 14th from Noon-1:00 PM

Please join our school nurses for an important parent/guardian education meeting about what to expect when we return to school.  They will be going over the DESE COVID Guidelines, medication drop-off procedures as well as answering questions and providing tips to help your child prepare for the start of school.

Or open Meet and enter this code: zee-wrhq-emb

Dial-in (audio only): (US) +1 484-424-4164 PIN: 315 605 269#

More phone numbers:  


Technology- Thursday, September 17th from 12:00-1:00 PM and 7:00-8:00 PM 

Please join our Titan Tech Guru & Director of Instructional Technology, Brandon Hall on Thursday, September 17th for one of our informative Q&A sessions. 

Session 1:

12:00 PM- 1:00 PM

Session 2:

7:00 PM- 8:00 PM

Join with Google Meet

Join by phone

(US) +1 904-580-8665 (PIN: 260896745)

For the Titan Technology Newsletter Click Here.

Dismissal & Arrival 

School times: Tuesday-Friday 8:15*-3:05.  *Please note that we are unable to accept children into the building prior to the official start to the school day due to social distancing precautions.

Morning Drop Off-

In order to keep the flow of traffic moving on Learning Lane, please enter Learning Lane and pull into the curbed area in the front of Hobomock (where the visitor parking signs are located).  Please pull up as far as possible in the curbed area and have your child exit out the right-hand passenger side of your vehicle. Parents are asked to stay in their vehicles as children unload.  Hobomock Staff will greet the children and direct them to enter the building in one of two doors (see above).  Students in Grades K-3 will enter the doorway that is to the right of the main entrance and students in grades 4-6 will enter the doorway that is to the left of the main entrance. Parents will exit the drop-off area by turning left into the PHS parking lot and exiting down Learning Lane. 

Afternoon Pick Up-

For those caretakers that will be picking up their child at the end of the school day, we ask that you enter the first entrance to Hobomock (the parking lot with the basketball courts). Please back into the spots provided before forming a socially distant line outside of the doorway by the playground.  Parents will remain outside of the doorway and your child/children will be brought to the door and dismissed.  If you are not the parent/guardian of a child but are picking them up as a favor to the caretaker, you will need to provide identification and this information will have needed to be provided to the main office prior to the first day of school.

Student Backpacks & School Supplies

Students will be carrying all their materials, (e.g. Chromebooks, lunches, water bottles, art supplies, binders, notebooks, pens/pencils, etc.) so backpack weight will be something we want to remain mindful about.

Students will need a labeled bag of art supplies (e.g. colored markers, colored pencils, scissors, etc.) to use across courses.

  • Students will not be allowed to share materials
  • We will have some new school supplies in the office for students who may need them.

Supply lists are posted online.


Staff, like students, must wear face masks, except when eating (or during teacher announced mask breaks).

  • No neck-gaiters or bandanas allowed for students or staff
  • Masks must be worn when entering the building

Students should bring masks from home but the school will provide masks to students, as needed (e.g. lost/broken).


At the start of the day, students will place their cafeteria lunch order with their teacher online. Breakfast, lunch, and snack will be delivered to each classroom. Lunches will be grade-based and occur in the classroom or outside. Students may remove masks and eat while seated at least 6 feet apart. Water bottles are recommended. Students cannot use their mouths at any of the water fountains.

Be mindful of Nut/Peanut Free classrooms when planning your child's lunches. 

The lunch menu is posted here.


Transportation routes are posted on our website. All students will require a current bus pass in order to receive transportation. No exceptions.

Bus passes have been mailed over the course of this week and anyone who completed the transportation registration should receive their pass in the mail no later than Monday, 9/14.    you do not receive a pass in the mail, you will have to transport your child to school until you complete the transportation registration. All students grades 7-12 are required to pay for transportation and payment must be processed prior to a bus pass being issued. Please contact the transportation office at 781-829-0832 with any questions. 

Technology & Materials

Students in Cohort A and C will receive devices  & materials in their classrooms on Tuesday.  If you are in Cohort B and were not able to pick up a device this past Friday, please call the office at 781-294-0911 and we will make arrangements for a time to pick up a device.

Students will be expected to use a school-issued device while in school. We cannot support personal devices at school, nor can we push out important software on personal devices. Students are free to use their personal devices at home, although we strongly encourage them to use the school-issued device so our Technology Department can troubleshoot any issues.

Students in Cohort B and D: If you cannot pick-up a school-issued device prior to the start of school, please reach out to the building principal. In the meantime, you can use a personal device while learning from home. 


Thank you for your patience as we navigate this unconventional start to the school year.