New Student Online Registration Instructions

  • Important Tips:

    • Parents of students who have never attended Pembroke Public Schools must use the New Students section in School Office Pro.  After logging in as instructed below, be sure to click New Student.  
    • IMPORTANT: Be sure to select the correct school year for which you are registering! 
    • After completing all forms, click the "Submit" button that appears on the final screen. After clicking Submit, please wait until you see the "Congratulations" message on the screen.  This insures that we have received your completed and submitted packet. 
    • Please do not attempt to access the online registration forms using a cell phone.  For best results and so that full screens are visible, please use a laptop, desktop computer, or larger mobile device (iPad, Surface, etc.).  There are computers available for public use at the Pembroke Public Library.
    • It is strongly recommended that you reference the step by step instructions below as you complete your forms. 

    Step by Step Instructions for completing your online registration forms in School Office Pro:

    • Click the link below.  It will open in a new tab so that you can click back to this tab to follow the instructions as you complete your registration:
    • Fill in the information under “Create Family Account”.
    • After logging in, click “NEW Student”.
    • Under “Add Student”, enter the name, date of birth, school, grade and school year (be sure to click the school year for which you are registering).  Then click Add Student.  Repeat this process for additional students.
    • When all students have been added and appear in your “Household List” on the right side of the screen, click “Go to Enrollment”.
    • Click “Next” at the bottom of the screen.
    • Complete all forms and sign all signature pages clicking next or skip to proceed through all forms.  
    • After completing the forms, you will be given the option to pay the transportation and/or athletics user fee online (if applicable):
      • To Pay Online: Select the appropriate payment amount for your family (or choose Pay in Person if you wish to mail in or drop off a check).  Then click Next.
      • To Pay in Person, choose that option on the screen and then click Next.  Checks must be written out to Pembroke Public Schools.  The child’s name and phone number must be written on the check. Transportation payments should be mailed or hand-delivered to Pembroke Public Schools, 72 Pilgrim Road, Pembroke, MA 02359. Athletic fee payments should be mailed or hand-delivered to the Pembroke High School Athletics Office, 80 Learning Lane, Pembroke, MA 02359. (The convenience fee to pay by check online is just  25 cents).
      • If you chose to pay online, you will be redirected to Unibank to process your payment.  You will be charged a convenience fee when using a credit card or 25 cents to use a checking account.
      • After you have completed the payment process (or opted to pay in person), you will be directed back to the SOP “Packet List” screen.

    Important Final Step for All Users: Click “SUBMIT” near the top of the page.   You must click Submit and wait for the confirmation message to appear on the screen in order to fully complete the registration process.

    At any time during the on-line registration process, you can logout and return to the forms later.  You can print any and all forms for your records if needed.  

    How to Get Help: 
    Technical Questions:  Contact School Office Pro Support Line: 855-SOP-1411 (855-767-1411) (this is a toll-free number) or email
    General Enrollment Questions: Contact your child's school’s main office.