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         Logging into Web Outlook or the Outlook Desktop App


     First Time You Log In:

    • Link:
    • Your username is your email address
    • Enter your usual email/network password
    • The Additional Security Verification window will appear
      • Choose Authentication Phone
      • Enter the phone number at which you would like to receive your texted code each time you log into the Web version of Outlook.
      • (You can choose the option to have the code emailed to a personal email, but the text message is recommended.)
      • Choose the option to “Send me a code by text message” (recommended), or “Call me”
      • Click Next
    • Enter the code you receive via text to complete your login

    Subsequent Logins

    • Enter your email address
    • Enter your email/network password
    • If you have never used this device before, you will receive a text message that will need to be entered on the screen.

    NOTE: If you change phone numbers, please enter a SchoolDude and your login can be reset so that you can enter your new phone number. 

Setting Up Mail Apps

  • Logging into email on personal devices is NOT recommended for security and legal reasons.  However, if you require this convenience, instructions are below. 

    Follow the steps above to log into Web Outlook on any device, or see below for mail app instructions.

    App Setup Instructions:

    IMPORTANT: First go to the link below from the device you will be registering:

    • Link:
    • Choose Create
    • Type in a name (eg. Phone)
    • Click Next
    • Click the Copy Icon
    • Select the password and select Copy, or on a laptop/desktop, hold Ctrl+C
    • Go to the settings, account section, etc of your preferred mail app. 
    • Choose Exchange as the type of account
    • Enter your email address
    • When you are asked for your password, paste in the password you copied in the previous steps (hold Ctrl+V on a laptop or desktop)
    • Click Save or Add 
    If you have any difficulty getting the email to load on your phone or tablet, you may need to remove your Pembroke account then re-add it: 
    • Turn off the school wifi if it’s on
    • Go to Settings
    • Scroll to Passwords & Accounts
    • Click on your school email
    • Click Delete Account
    • Follow the instructions above to get an App Password and re-add your account
    If your device is asking you for more details or if you are having trouble adding the account:
      • Go back into the Account
      • Be sure your email address and password are correct
      • Enter "" for the server