PHS Course Selection & Program of Studies

  • Current 8th - 11th Graders

    The course selection process for next year year will take place in the spring.  Registration windows will be communicated to students and to parents in late winter-early spring.  When the course selection window is open, students will log into PowerSchool and click "Class Registration" to select their courses for next year.

    For your reference, a copy of the most recent Program of Studies is downloadable below.  All course offerings are subject to change. 

    Graduation Requirements:

    4 years English-16 credits

    4 years Mathematics-16 credits

    3 years History(including World History, US History 1&2)-12 credits

    3 years Science(including Biology and Chemistry)-12 credits

    Physical Education-Health&Wellness-Grade 9-2 credits

    **PE is required each year of high school- Students that participate in a varsity or junior varsity sport are eligible to waive this requirement.

    ** 88 Credits are required in order to graduate as well as 40 hours of community service. The forms needed are:

    Community Service Log Sheet

    Community Service Form