Peer Registration Process & Timeline

  • Step 1: Preschool Peer Application

    The Preschool Peer Application is required in order to enter your child into the preschool program lottery.  The application becomes available in January of the year prior to enrollment and will be posted at the bottom of this page.  You must hand deliver your completed peer application to the North Pembroke Elementary School Main Office by the date and time indicated on the application.  When you deliver your application, you will select an appointment for a screening for your child. 

    Step 2: Screening

    You will need to attend the screening as scheduled when you dropped off your Peer Application. To be included in our lottery, applicants are expected to demonstrate age-appropriate skills in the following areas: speech and language; cognitive abilities; fine and gross motor skills; and socialization and behavioral skills.

    Step 3: Preschool Lottery

    A lottery is held each year after the deadline indicated on the Preschool Peer Application.  Parents of students selected during the lottery will receive a letter from the school with their program placement. If you choose not to send your child to our Preschool Program, please notify us immediately.

    Step 4: Deliver Required Documentation for Registration and Deposit Payment

    You will be required to bring the following documentation to the North Pembroke Elementary School Main Office:

    • Deed, lease agreement, mortgage bill, tax bill, electric bill or water bill
    • Current driver's license or valid photo ID
    • Child's birth certificate
    • Child's immunization and physician's examination records
    • Previous school records (if applicable)
    • Copy of court/custody papers (if applicable)
    • If you reside with a friend or family member and do not own or lease your home, the homeowner must submit a NOTARIZED letter stating you and your child(ren) reside with them at their Pembroke address. The homeowner will also need to submit a copy of their deed, lease agreement, mortgage bill, tax bill, electric bill or water bill.

    The deposit amount indicated on your program placement letter will also be required at this time. 

    Step 5: Pre-Registration Online Forms

    Once you have received notification from the school that your child has been accepted into the preschool program, and you have provided the documentation in Step 4 above, you must complete the online registration packet.

    Please Note: These are pre-registration forms only.  You will be asked to complete a full registration packet the July prior to enrollment.  These packets will include important updates, parent signature forms,  bus pass registration, and free/reduced lunch applications. 

    Step 6: Complete the Full Online Registration Packet

    During the summer months prior to your child's Preschool year, you must complete the full online registration packet.  The packet will include important updates and parent signature forms. You will receive a broadcast email with further instructions when the summer packet becomes available.

    If you have any further questions, please contact:

    Erika Rossini