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Seamus McFarland


Every school district in Massachusetts is allowed to nominate one 8th grade student for a state-wide leadership initiative called Project 351. PCMS staff nominate students who have demonstrated leadership potential, have a strong work ethic and exemplify the values of kindness, compassion, humility, & gratitude.


This year, Seamus McFarland has been identified as this year’s Project 351 candidate. Here were the nominations we received:


Nomination #1: Seamus McFarland would be a great candidate for Project 351. Seamus is kind, compassionate and hardworking. I had the privilege of working with him on the PCMS school council last year and got to see firsthand how much he cares about our school and wants to make it a better place. I also have Seamus in science class and he is a member of the PCMS cross country team that I coach. He is as equally hardworking on the athletic fields as he is in the classroom. I highly recommend Seamus as a Project 351 candidate.


Nomination #2: I would recommend Seamus McFarland as the Project 351 candidate. Seamus is a great worker when he works independently as well as when he works with his peers. He seems to be invested in the concepts that he is learning. He also has made great positive contributions to our school community. He leads by example and shows kindness and humility.


Nomination #3: He is creative, bright, kind, respectful, and a true asset to any class and team. Seamus worked well with others and always gave his all. He communicated well with his peers and adults. I loved how he was not a follower, but regularly thought outside the box. He enjoyed hard work. Seamus is the type of student you are blessed enough to teach once in your career. I know that I will see his name associated with the creation of clever movies or novels or hopefully the idea that brings peace to our world.


Congratulations to Seamus! If anyone would like to learn more about this program, information can be found at: Project 351.