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Grade 5 and 6 Human Sex Ed Curriculum

In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 71, Section 32A, the Pembroke School Committee has adopted a policy regarding parental notification relative to sex education. This policy stipulates that parents will be notified in writing at the start of each school year about any curriculum that involves human sexuality education.

While human sexuality is not a central focus of the elementary school health curriculum, there are times when topics related to this subject are a part of the instructional program.  These areas are listed below for your information.

Grade 5 Topic: Growth and Puberty Communicable/ Non-communicable Diseases
Description: Students learn about the physical, social and emotional changes that occur during puberty. They discuss reproduction and view a film dealing with puberty.*

As part of the disease unit they review causes of disease, discuss the body’s defenses and how the immune system keeps us healthy.

*This unit has been taught for many years and parents are invited to preview the film prior to its showing.

Grade 6 Topics: Drug Facts and Decision Making, Communicable Disease, Growth and Puberty

Description: Physical, social and emotional changes that occur during puberty are discussed. The role of hormones and the structure and function of male and female reproductive systems are also discussed. Students learn to distinguish between HIV and AIDS and common methods of transmission. Students also study how HIV compromises the immune system and ways to prevent contraction of HIV.

As a parent and/or guardian you have the right to inspect and review program materials and to exempt your child from any portion of the curriculum dealing with human sexuality. If you would like to review our program materials, you may do so by calling the school and scheduling an appointment with the classroom teacher. In the event you wish to exempt your child from this instruction, you must send a letter to your building principal requesting that exemption. Please note that such exemptions will apply only to the current school year and your child’s current grade level placement.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s principal.