Pick A Time: Parent-Teacher Conference Scheduling Instructions

  • Conference scheduling is closed.  Contact your child's teacher(s) directly to schedule a time to speak with them.

    Please Note:  Pick a Time will close 24 hours prior to the start of conferences.  Parents must select all conference appointments prior to that time.


    PCMS Conferences:
       March 3 3:45-7:45

    PHS Conferences:
       March 10 3:30-7:30

    Elementary Conferences:
         March 30 1:30-6:30 


    Pick A Time Instructions: 

    • CLICK HERE to access the Pick A Time website.
    • Log in with your existing Pick A Time account, or if you are new to Pick A Time, follow the on-screen prompts to create a new account.
    • NEW: At the top left of the screen, choose your school and either in-person or virtual conferences.
    • If your child/children's name(s) for this school do not already appear, use the area that says "Please enter your child's information below".  Enter their first name + last name with no spaces (e.g. BenjaminFranklin) and date of birth in the format mm/dd/yyyy (e.g. 01/01/2001).   Then click Add.
    • The schedule screen will look like the picture below.  The teachers’ names are color coded with their time slots. 
      • To schedule an appointment, look at the color to the left of the teacher’s name. Choose the same color within the block of time you wish to schedule your appointment.
      • Click the Create Appointment button.
      • That appointment now appears as a black square in the colored grid.
      • Repeat the steps above for additional teachers.
      • If you have children at different schools, use the drop down menu near the top of the screen that says "Click here to change events" and repeat the steps above.
    • On the top of the screen, there is an option to print the conference schedule(s) you just created.  You can also email yourself the schedule by clicking Print Schedule, then Email.
    • A day or two before the conference date, you will receive a reminder email of your scheduled appointments.

    Once you have successfully logged into Pick A Time and added your child(ren), the following scheduling screen will appear for you to schedule your appointments:

     Sample Student Schedule