Technology User Agreements

Expectations for Students’ Behavior in the Hybrid Learning Model

  • Please see the attached PPS Elementary and Secondary School Handbook Addendums which cover the following topics: Technology Use, Behavioral Expectations for Remote Learning, Behavioral Expectations for In-Person Learning in the Hybrid Model, Environment, Lunch/Eating and Drinking (both Elementary and Secondary Schools), and Bathroom Usage.

    Please review the entire document with your child. We will be reinforcing these expectations in school and online. Where necessary, faculty and administration will have respectful and productive conversations with students who violate these expectations so that students may reflect on their behavior and propose solutions for making better decisions. As always, our goal is to successfully return a student to their classroom and online learning environment as quickly as possible and with the least amount of disruption. If you have any questions regarding the expectations, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or the classroom teacher.  We appreciate your partnership in ensuring that our online learning and our classroom environment is a safe and productive place for all students. 


    After you have reviewed this document, please sign the acknowledgment form available here.

Technology User Agreement

  • All families must sign a Pembroke Public Schools Technology Loan User Agreement to borrow a device.  

    Please review the daily expectations & care for students with your child.

    Daily Expectations

    • Use Chromebooks Daily

    • Secure and lock your Chromebook

    • Fully charge every day

    • Bring to every class

    • Follow rules and expectations set by your classroom teachers

    • Follow rules and expectations of the Pembroke Public Schools Code of Conduct

    Chromebook Care

    • Treat your Chromebook carefully when your Chromebook is inside your backpack.

    • Place your Chromebook in a backpack that is free of food, liquids, and heavy or sharp objects

    • Do not eat or drink around the Chromebook because a spill could cause permanent damage

    Device Acceptance Form and Digital Citizenship Contract***********

    • Covers expectations surrounding:

    • Use of Chromebooks for educational purposes only

    • Appropriate sites, apps, and usage

    • Responsibility for damage and destruction

    • Consequences for violation of terms and conditions

    • Responsibility of students to behave respectfully and positively in digital environments


    You only get one charger. Please keep track of it. Replacement chargers are $30. If you lose or break your charger, you can purchase one at*******