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    Reminder, it will be very important for our students to make checking their school email a part of their daily routine.  We do appreciate parents helping us reinforce this point at home as well.  
    As another reminder, when students are on an "at-home" day, they are required to check-in three times a day using the support schedule that I linked above: their Advisory, P4, and P7 (NOTE: these required check-in times are subject to change as we continue to explore what the best ways are to keep our students connected).  They will be checking in with their "at-home" advisor and the "at-home" support teachers based on the "at home" schedule.  They will not be meeting with their "in-person" advisory or classroom teachers. Again, please refer to the schedule that I linked above, and remember, those schedules are grade specific.  For example, the freshmen can access Biology support during P1, while the sophomores can access US History I support during P1.  
    This is just a friendly reminder that this Monday begins our first Remote Monday.  Teachers are in professional development until 10:30 a.m.  Starting at 11 a.m., Students in Cohorts A-C are required to attend all seven of their classes for this synchronous learning opportunity with their teachers and classmates (note: students will not be joining their study halls remotely.  If students have study halls, they can work independently during that period at home).  Students in Cohort D will use the remote schedule to attend any PHS-taught classes only.  This applies just to Remote Mondays, as students in Cohort D can access our "at-home" support schedule whenever they need to each Tuesday through Friday. S
    For your convenience, here are the three versions of bell schedules were are running this year:


    PHS Remote Monday