There will be a new virtual Monday schedule for students beginning on Monday, February 8th. You can view the new schedule here: PCMS Remote Monday schedule: Terms 3 & 4. This change has been made based on DESE guidelines to increase structured learning time for students.


    Classes will begin for students at 9:15 and will end at 2:17. Each of the 7 classes will now be 38 minutes, an increase of 13 minutes per period. Since the day is longer for students, a lunch break has been added. Your child’s Titan Time teacher will be sharing the new schedule in class this week.

  • General Instructions:

    Using the Google Chrome Browser, go to: https://meet.google.com/

    In the space provided: Enter the Meeting Code that is appropriate to your grade level and enter the Google Meeting. Meet codes were sent via email. If you did not receive the meet codes, please reach out to your child's teachers. Please do not post or share google meet codes/or websites.

Hybrid At Home Learning Days

  • The schedule for hybrid remote students is emailed every Monday with directions about how to access teacher supports. All hybrid remote students must log in to a teacher Meet at least 3x/day for any day they are learning from home on their Cohort’s remote days. There are at least 3 courses available for check-ins on each day.

    For Cohort A, their remote check-in days will be on Wednesdays & Fridays.

    For Cohort B, their remote check-in days will be Tuesdays & Thursdays.

    Students should only check in with classes on their current, Term 1 schedule. So, for example, if your child does not have art until Term 2, they should not check in with the art teacher. Outside of those required check-ins, students should access teacher supports, using this schedule, whenever needed. These are not the schedules students would follow on Mondays (more details on that below).

    Weekly lesson plans will be posted every Monday afternoon and links to the lesson plan will also be embedded in the team-based weekly Meet schedule. 

PCMS Full Remote Mondays


    On Mondays, students ‘Meet’ with their teachers for their specific classes. The school day is from 10:45-2:10. This is the one day every week that Cohort A, B, and C are (virtually) together. They should join the Google Classroom for their specific classes based on their schedule or follow whatever instructions their teachers post on their Google Classroom. Your child’s specific Monday schedule can also be found by logging into PowerSchool. Teachers will meet with each of their classes and go over the learning for the upcoming week. H


    Here is the schedule that will show you what time each period meets: PCMS Hybrid Monday remote schedule: 20.21


    The first Remote Monday was a Day 1. Next Monday will be a Day 2. We have a 6-day schedule. This does not matter for the majority of your child’s classes that meet daily. There are 2 periods in your child’s schedule where this will matter.

    1. Our Stem Lab and Physical Education classes meet in an every other day model. What that means is that if your child met with their Stem Lab teacher today, next week it would be Physical Education that would be in their schedule for a Monday meeting.
    2. Our elective courses meet five days out of six, so most Mondays, your child will be “Meet”ing with their elective teacher but every few weeks, 21st Century Skills will be the course they are meeting with instead. Your child’s guidance counselor teaches the 21st Century Skills class. Because of the gap in meetings this year for 21st Century Skills t, guidance counselors are meeting with their students in a guidance homeroom several times a week to develop relationships and offer support.


    Grade 7 Guidance Counselor: Mrs. Erin Goitia erin.goitia@pembrokek12.org

    Grade 8 Guidance Counselor: Mrs. Joanne McClune joanne.mcclune@pembrokek12.org


    We hand the Remote Monday schedule to students the week before in Titan Study. We will be giving students hard copies of their Remote Monday schedule for the next several weeks until students are more familiar with the routines but parents can also see their child’s specific Monday schedule by logging in to PowerSchool.


Cohort D 100% Remote Students

  • Full remote students will be starting their Edgenuity courses this week. Full remote students will continue to have a daily remote homeroom from Tuesdays-Fridays with their guidance counselor. On remote Mondays, they will not meet with their guidance counselor. Instead, the full remote students will meet with Ms. Christine Murphy, the PHS Librarian, on Mondays. She is the Edgenuity liaison for our full remote students and she’ll be able to check-in and answer any questions students or parents may have on that learning platform. Ms. Murphy can be reached at christine.murphy@pembrokek12.org. She will communicate directly on her weekly Monday with the fully remote students.