•  General Instructions:

    Using the Google Chrome Browser, go to: https://meet.google.com/

    In the space provided: Enter the Meeting Code  that is appropriate to your grade level and enter the Google Morning Meeting.  Meet codes have been emailed to families.  Please do not share or post the meet codes online.

    Grade: Kindergarten 


    Remote Teacher: Ms. Klemonsky

    • Teacher email address: nicole.klemonsky@pembrokek12.org

    Grade: One

    Remote Teacher: Mrs. Harris

    • Teacher email address:michelle.harris@pembrokek12.org

    Grade: Two

    Remote Teacher: Mrs. Rosa

    • Teacher email address: julie.rosa@pembrokek12.org

    Grade: Three

    Remote Teacher: Mrs. Belliveau

    • Teacher email address: christine.belliveau@pembrokek12.org

    Grade: Four

    Remote Teacher: Ms. SanGiovanni

    • Teacher email address: lara.sangiovanni@pembrokek12.org

    Grade: Five

    Remote Teacher: Mrs. Bock

    • Teacher email address: renee.bock@pembrokek12.org

    Grade 6

    Remote Teacher: Mrs. Smiley

    • Teacher Email Address: heather.smiley@pembrokek12.org