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School Committee Meeting Agendas


Tuesday, September 19, 2023
North Pembroke Elementary School Library

6:00 PM
Meeting is recorded

1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Public Comment
4. Acknowledge & Schedule Visitors
    a) Discussion of creation of a visitor calendar to celebrate student & staff achievements
5. Communications
    a) MASC – Sign on letter in support of the rural schools bill
6. Approval of Bill Schedule
7. Consideration for Approval: School Committee Meeting Minutes of September 5, 2023
8. Superintendent’s Report
    a) PHS Pathways Overview/Update – Maryellen Gates
    b) Review of Tech Scorecard
    c) Consideration for Approval: Overnight/Out of State Field Trip Requests - DECA
    d) Draft of FY25 Budget Calendar
9. Subcommittee/Liaison Updates
    a) Policy Subcommittee:
         i. Consideration for First Read: Revision to Policy IKFB-R Graduation Dress
        ii. Consideration for First Read: Policy Section C (recode/revise/rescind)
       iii. Consideration for Second Read and Approval: Policy Section B work (recode/revise/rescind)
    b) Education Subcommittee:
         i. Update/Recommendations regarding PHS Pathways Criteria & Requirements
    c) Liaison Updates
10. Future Meeting Dates and Topics
11. Executive Session Pursuant to Chapter 30A, Section 21(a)(3) to conduct a review and potential approval and release of Executive Session Minutes as an open meeting may have a detrimental effect on the legal position of the School Committee, as declared by the Chair. With additional business to be discussed.
12. Consideration for Approval: Executive Session Minutes of July 13, 2021, August 31, 2021, September 14, 2021, October 5, 2021, February 1, 2022, March 1, 2022, March 29, 2022, April 5, 2022, April 26, 2022, June 7, 2022, June 21, 2022, July 19, 2022, March 7, 2023, March 21, 2023, April 4, 2023, May 2, 2023, May 23, 2023 and June 6, 2023.
13. Adjourn

Questions can be emailed to ahead of the meeting or during
the meeting and we will answer the questions that come into the mailbox during the meeting.


Future Topics


Enrollment Trend


Achievement Report


Liaison Updates


Open Meeting Law Overview