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Education Subcommittee

Education Subcommittee Functions and Duties

The Pembroke School Committee (PSC) recognizes its responsibility in setting educational goals and policies for the Pembroke Public Schools (PPS) and is committed to this important function.  The PSC also recognizes the importance of a systematic, ongoing process of curriculum development, adoption and review.  The curriculum is intended to be coherent and sequential in nature to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of a solid educational program.  Coherence is achieved through the identification of grade-level and course-specific essential knowledge and skills that are interconnected and developmentally appropriate.  The curriculum is designed to guide instruction while allowing flexibility for teacher creativity and the needs of individual students.  An effective curriculum should be coherent, viable and clearly articulated and should serve as the blueprint for our educational program. 

In accordance with the above, the PSC understands that curriculum development and implementation is complex and time-consuming work.  As such, the PSC has established an Education Sub Committee (ESC) for the purpose of allowing appropriate and thoughtful consideration and support of the curriculum work being conducted by the faculty and administration of the PPS. 

The Superintendent of Schools, shall lead, guide and direct all aspects of curriculum development, adoption and review.  As appropriate, the instructional staff, the administration may be involved in various aspects of curriculum development. 

The PSC charges its ESC with the following responsibilities in support of the curriculum development process:

  1. Regularly reviewing the progress and products of the PPS Curriculum Council and curriculum teams; 
  2. Ensuring the alignment of the curriculum with the PSCs educational philosophy and goals, local and state learning standards, and state and federal laws and regulations;
  3.  Making specific policy and budgetary recommendations to the PSC and its subcommittees;
  4.  Supporting equity within the educational program and making recommendations to the PSC and its subcommittee when appropriate;
  5. Work with the PSC Long-Range Planning subcommittee, especially with regard to the PPS Education Plan;
  6. Review and make recommendations to the full PSC regarding educational materials as allowed by state law.