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Our Logo

Pembroke Public Schools Logo

The Design Process

In January of 2017, students from the Computer Based Design class at Pembroke High School set out on a mission to unite the district under one branded logo. Under the guidance of their teacher, Ms. Abigail Young, these students worked together on a design process that mirrored what major advertising companies set out to do when developing clear and consistent brand messaging.

Students worked together to develop a clear message and graphic identity that would represent the district and all five schools. The goal was to unite the district under one logo, one tagline and give our schools a clear brand identity.  Students began the process by researching the history of our former logo as well as the history of titans.

Through a process of computer based-research and student/staff interviews, the class was able to develop a background for who we were as a district as well as who we want to be.  They worked in groups to develop logos, taglines, brand colors and fonts which were presented at a formal design meeting to district administration. This is a similar process that they would follow if they were presenting in a real world job to a client at a design firm. Their level of professionalism was impressive and each presentation demonstrated the great deal of thought that went into each design.

The final logo is a combination of elements from each of the group’s designs. Each element from the Pembroke P, to the stars and the plume were all pieces pulled from different group’s projects and into one cohesive design. The various elements of the new logo can be used together or apart, depending on the end use.

The new logo represents who we are as Titans. Each element was carefully chosen to represent aspects of what it means to be a Titan and a member of the Pembroke Public Schools.

The classic “P” that symbolizes Pembroke was chosen because it has a varsity letter feel and is a style that is commonly used to represent our schools. The stars were from our original logo, each one representing a school in our town. The plume represents a traditional titan helmet.

Through the design process, the students did an incredible job of maintain the integrity of who were yet at the same time were able to show who we want to be, Titans forever.

Group of students who designed the logo

Pembroke High School Design Team

  • Jordan Baylis
  • Frankie Falcone
  • Faith Fontaine
  • Zachary Golden
  • Robert Healey
  • Matthew Higgins
  • Christopher Lehan
  • Mitchell Martin
  • Nicholas Palmer
  • Madison Reid
  • Hunter Realini
  • Rory Ryan
  • Christopher Shea
  • Justin Stoddart
  • Eric Visser