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Music and Visual Art Report Card Standards Grades 1-6

Music and Visual Art Report Card Standards Grades 1-6: Grading Explanation

The following lists the common content standards that all grade level students study in music and the visual art classes in Pembroke Elementary Schools.  The grade that your child receives on the report card in content are based on these units of study.

Grade Visual Art Standards Music Standards
Grade 1 Primary & secondary colors Singing on pitch (assessed grades 1-6)
Pinch Pots Keeping a steady beat (assessed grades 1-6)
Geometric & organic shapes Movement
Grade 2 Warm & cool colors Identifying instruments of the orchestra
Positive & negative space Carnival of the Animals (Saint-Saens)
Coil pots Reading simple music notation
Grade 3 Tints & shades Learning to play recorders
Symmetry Folk songs
Instruments in ensemble
Grade 4 Proportion & texture Beethoven unit
Imaginative drawing Conducting unit
Memory drawing International songs
Grade 5 Perspective & space Musical theatre unit
Printmaking American music
Gesture sculpture Civial and Revolutionary War songs and spirituals
Grade 6 African masks Music Theory
Illustration Composition
Value Musical celebrations around the world

Instrumental Music 

Grade 5 & 6:      Students that elect to study band & string instruments are graded on the following content:  Instrument Assembly & care, Embouchure/Bow technique, articulation, tone,  and musical literacy (counting and executing rhythms and note reading).