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Transportation Department

Transportation Manager
Lori Jacobs
72 Pilgrim Road
Pembroke, MA 02359
Ph: 781-829-0832
Fax: 781-829-6957

First Student phone #: 781-293-5182

                           FirstView App will be available late Sept. Information will be sent home when available.

  • There is no charge for elementary students to ride the bus, but an application must be submitted to reserve a seat for your child(ren).
  • There is a transportation fee for middle school and high school students. Click here for details.


10 Bus Safety Rules

Let's learn about bus safety rules 

  1. Get up early enough so you don't have to rush to the bus stop.
  2. Walk to the bus stop with a friend or trusted adult.
  3. Wait quietly for the bus, a safe distance from the road.
  4. Keep out of the Danger Zone, which is 10 feet all around the bus.
  5. Stay in your seat.
  6. Don't put anything out the window.
  7. Keep your school bag and other belongings out of the aisle.
  8. Respect the driver and other bus riders.
  9. Wait your turn to get on or off.
  10. If you have to cross the street after you get off, cross only in front of the bus. 
Thank you to Rachel Langlois, a student from our transition program for creating this poster to remind everyone that drivers