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Bus Pass Fee

Bus Pass Applications are to be completed for all students who will ride the bus.  The Bus Pass Application is included in the online registration forms.  The packets will be available each July for the upcoming school year.  For students in grades 7-12, you will also be given the option to pay the bus pass fee online while completing the online forms.  The link to the online registration screen is below.  

Transportation Cost

Grades K-6:

There is no fee charged for elementary school students, but a bus pass application needs to be completed. 

Grades 7-12:

There is a fee for middle school and high school students as outlined below.  Bus pass applications also need to be completed for middle and high school students.  

All Rates Below are Subject to Change

Transportation Fee if paid by August 29th:
Individual Student: $225
Family Cap: $325

Transportation Fee as of August 30th and Later:
Individual Student: $255
Family Cap: $355

*Free or Reduced Transportation Rates Available Only to Those Who Qualify:

Families that are eligible for food stamps, or meet federal income guidelines for free or reduced meals may qualify for a waiver or reduction in fees as shown below. Financial or other personal circumstances will be treated with confidentiality. Students confirmed for free or reduced fees in the current school year will maintain the same eligibility until/unless family circumstances change once the annual Application for Free or Reduced Meals is processed at the beginning of each school year.

*Reduced Transportation Fee if Paid by August 29th:
Individual Student: $22
Family Cap: $34

*Reduced Transportation Fee as of August 30th and Later:
Individual Student: $52
Family Cap: $64

*Reduced Rates Available to Only Those Who Qualify

Online Forms and Payment

Bus Pass Application & Payment