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Pembroke Public Schools offers a learning device program, providing one Chromebook for each student, in grades 2-12, and an iPad for every child in grades Pre K, K, and 1.

Care for your iPad

  • Treat your iPad with care, and you'll have no issues.

  • Only you should ever use your iPad. Never loan it to a friend.

  • Never expose your iPad to extreme heat or cold.

  • Never leave it in a car.

  • Never get it wet.

  • Please don't ever decorate or deface your iPad.

  • It is expected to be returned in the same condition it was distributed, new with slight wear.

  • Please don't ever remove the case.

  • Always carry your iPad carefully and with two hands, like carrying a pizza. Whenever possible, carry it in a backpack or bag when traveling to and from school.

Pembroke iPad Not Working or Damaged

If your child's iPad is not working, contact your child's teacher to ensure the student drops off their iPad with our technicians. If a loaner is available, you will be provided one.

I need to purchase a new charger for my child's Pembroke iPad

Replacement chargers are available for a cost of $30.

I'm not sure how to use a Pembroke iPad at home

Please see our Apps, Parent Hub, Google Meet, and Help pages for more information.

What is the cost to replace an iPad?

The general cost to replace is $330. We offer flexible pricing plans, allowing families to pay on a schedule.

What are the other iPad damage costs?

Broken screen - $125

Missing / lost charger - $30

General damage to case including stickers, spills, breaks - TBD based on damage

Full replacement cost - $330 (includes warranty and management license costs)