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Student Devices

Devices - Procedures, Damages and Fees

Last Updated: July 2022
Daily Expectations

The expectation is that you will bring your Pembroke Chromebook or iPad to school daily, and that you treat it with care. Your device is to be fully charged before school and kept secure throughout the day. Follow rules and expectations set by your classroom teachers and the expectations of the Pembroke Public Schools Code of Conduct.

Device Care

Treat your Chromebook carefully when the device is inside your backpack. Place your device in a backpack that is free of food, liquids, and heavy or sharp objects that may damage the device. Do not eat or drink around the device because a spill could cause permanent damage. Report any damage or breaks immediately to your teacher. You only get one charger, so please keep track of it.


Please bring your damaged Pembroke assigned Chromebook to your school as soon as you realize it is broken. Please note that devices must be sent to Pembroke Public Schools for repairs. Taking Pembroke devices to any other provider will void our warranty on the device. Some damages are covered by Pembroke technicians and others require us to send the device out for repair. Warranties don't cover spills in or on the unit, drops, falls, screen breaks, and electrical surges that occur in the course of the normal intended use of the product. Warranties do not cover cosmetic damage and/or other damage that doesn't affect the device’s functionality or intentional damage. 

Damage and Repair Costs

If your child’s device is broken beyond the total cost, there will be a replacement fee for the damage depending on the device. We have flexible payment options available.

Broken Chromebook Screen: $50.00

Broken iPad Screen: $125.00

Chromebook outer shell: $50.00 

iPad outer shell: $100.00

Chromebook Keyboard repair: $40.00

Lost charger: $30.00

Defacing the Chromebook or iPad with stickers or other markings: $100.00

Chromebook full device replacement: $300.00

iPad full device replacement: $330.00

Lost or Stolen Devices

We have the option of locking down a device if the device is lost or stolen with directions on where to return the device. If your device is missing, please let the technology department know ASAP so this process can be started. 

Device Care and Use:

iPad Care and Use

Chromebook Care and Use