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  • Please send completed Home Education Plans to:

    Pembroke Public Schools
    Office of the Superintendent
    72 Pilgrim Road
    Pembroke, MA 02359 

    See School Committee Policy Manual Section I for the Homeschooling Policy and Homeschooling Requirements


    Chapter 76, Section 1 of Massachusetts Law provides a legal basis for parents to request permission to instruct their children at home.

    To try to establish ground rules for shared responsibility between parents in the Pembroke Public Schools, the following regulation shall apply in judging an alternative for home education plans for approval or disapproval.

    Procedures for Application

    Prior to removing the child from public school:

    A. The parent/guardian must submit a written notification of establishment of the home-based program to the appropriate administrator 14 days before the program is established, and resubmit notification on an annual basis as long as the child or children are being educated in a home-based environment.

    B. The parent/guardian must certify in writing, on a form provided by the Pembroke Public Schools (PPS), the name, age, place of residence, and the number of hours of attendance of each child in the program.

    C. The Superintendent shall give the notice to produce records required by law if there is probable cause to believe the program is not in compliance with the law. Factors to be considered by the Superintendent or his/her designee deciding whether or not to approve a home education proposal may be:

    1. The number of hours of instruction of the proposed curriculum;

    2. The competency of the parents to teach the children;

    3. The textbooks, workbooks, and other instructional aids to be used by the children and teaching manuals to be used by the parents;

    4. Periodic assessment of the children to ensure educational progress and the attainment of minimum standards.

    A student being educated in a home-based program within the PPSD may have access to public school activities of either a curricular or extracurricular nature upon availability and approval of the Superintendent.