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Change of Name and or Marital Status

There are necessary forms to be completed if you have a change in your name and/or marital status. You will need a new Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4) to change your tax filing status. Click here to download a W-4 form. Send the original, completed W-4 form to the PPS payroll department at 72 Pilgrim Road.

Name changes by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education require verification and cannot be done online. Please click here to download the Request For A Name Change/Hard Copy License Form.  Complete the form and enclose valid evidence of the name change, e.g., copy of marriage license or social security card, to change the name in your ELAR profile. There is no fee for a name change.

Send the original signed Federal W-4 and State M-4 form to PPS Payroll Department  at 72 Pilgrim Road.

For information on how to change your name for Social Security, click here.

Health Insurance Options

If you are a member of our Health Insurance Plan, you have the following options:

  1. Remain as an individual member
  2. Change from an individual member to a family membership
  3. Cancel your membership if your spouse has some other form of insurance

Life Insurance

If you carry life insurance through school, and you wish to change the beneficiary on your policy. Please contact the Pembroke Town Treasurer Department, 100 Center Street, 781-709-1421, within 30 days of the event for all benefit inquiries.