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Concussions and Head Injuries


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Athlete Head Injury Recommendations

Athlete Head Injury Recommendations

Dr. Gina Boutwell of South Shore Medical Center is Pembroke’s School District Physician.  She recommends the following steps:

  • Athlete Head Injury Occurs
  • Parent or Coach submits Report of Head Injury During Sports Season Form to Athletic Director and School Nurse.
  • Parent makes appointment for medical evaluation.
  • If negative concussion diagnosis-student needs medical provider letter stating there is no concussion present and has permission for return to play.
  • If positive concussion diagnosis-student needs medical provider letter stating diagnosis, out of sports/P.E., and academic accommodations. See Head Smart Academic Expectations (red, orange, yellow and green) as an example.
  • If student is concussed, parent needs to contact the Athletic Office as to whether post impact testing is requested by medical provider.
  • Concussed student should have at least bimonthly re-evaluation from medical provider, written notice to School Nurse of academic accommodation updates, and communication with the Athletic Office during this time as to whether sequential post impact testing is needed. If less frequent visits are required, due to lengthy concussion management and recovery, medical provider should provide letter informing the School Nurse.
  • When cleared to return to play, the student must have a note from medical provider permitting return to play, and the student should be fully returned to academics at this time.
  • Medical Provider must complete the Post Sports-Related Head Injury and Medical Clearance Form and copies must be given to Athletic Director, Coach and School Nurse, when student demonstrates a graduated return to play without symptoms. The student will then be able to fully participate in his/her sport.