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Request to Send a Broadcast Email


Pembroke Public Schools' Broadcast Email System is used for sending the following types of information:

*Information from school PTOs
*School Committee meetings and related information
*Youth sports signup information
*Information regarding community activities in which our students participate


No private advertising of any kind will be sent through the Broadcast Email system.

All messages must be approved by the superintendent's office.

It may take up to three (3) business days to process your request, so please plan accordingly.

Repeat messages will not be sent.

The only attachments that will be sent are registration forms. Please include all details about your event in the form below rather than sending an attached document. To request that an attachment be included along with your message, please email the document to Sharon Monteforte at the email address below. Be sure to include the title of your event in the email.

For questions, or urgent requests, please contact Sharon Monteforte at the Central Office: 781-829-0832 or, via e-mail
If this is a fundraiser, have you received approval? If your event is a fundraiser, you must receive the building principal's approval for the event by completing and submitting a "Fundraising Request Form JJE-E". See the link below to download the form.required