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Global Citizenship & Learning Pathway

Students who pursue a designation as a Pathways Scholar in Global Citizenship & Learning must complete a certain number of required electives and an internship, certification, or capstone project.  The Pathway Map below identifies which electives count towards the Global Citizenship and Learning  Pathway.

Scope and Sequence

Global Map


*Recommended sequence of classes


*Number of  Required Credits - 18  Credits 

*Number of Total Credits for Certification - 22 Credits
25% of 88 credits for graduation


Potential Career Paths: Diplomat, United Nations staff, delegate, House and Senate representative, field researcher, consultant, communication specialist, translator, international travel and tourism, education, hospitality, and international law.


The knowledge and skills students acquire throughout the Global Citizenship and Learning Pathway is built upon the knowledge and skills gained from previous courses to influence the global challenges of the 21st century effectively. Students address topics ranging from global policy and global politics to equity and inclusion in an ever-changing demographic. They may be able to work on an independent project or internship with a mentor or advisor from a local politician, government agency, translation services,  or appropriate businesses.